High Quality and Reliability

Developed and Produced in Japan


IER (Ishikawa Energy Research) Agricultural Drone

Approved by Japan Agricultural Aviation Association (JAAA)

Precise spraying with flow sensor
Enables efficient spraying with even distribution over the field
Carries 8L of load (pesticide tank) for covering 1hectare in 10minutes efficiently
High-precision spraying made possible with flow sensor + feedback control
Ultra light weight and high rigidity magnesium body
IER Magnesium alloy is the lightest practical metal having specific gravity of 1.7 with good machinability and manufacturability.
"Made in Japan" highly durable ESC and motors
Dedicatedly designed light weight motor made of magnesium alloy and aluminum winding cleared more than 1000 hours endurance test.  "Long service life!"
Simple and Ergonomic design for the optimal user experience
Automatic takeoff / landing / semi-automatic spraying function.
Arms and propellers can be folded and unfolded without any tools.
Removable tank enables user to wash inside of tank completely and to install without hassle.
Navigation LEDs display residual liquid quantity.
​No air bleeding procedure before operation is necessary.
All the pesticide liquid in the tank can be sprayed.
By adopting Pixhawk2.1, users can use it without any fear in flight log security.
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