High Quality and Reliability

Developed and Produced in Japan


IER (Ishikawa Energy Research) Surveying and Aerial Photography Drone

Maximum Pay Load of 5kg such as camera/laser instrument can be mounted
Maximum flight time of 45 minutes
Wide field view angle can be obtained by flip-up landing gear


Aerial photography

Infrastructure Inspection

Hazard assessment and Disaster management

Ultra light weight and high rigidity magnesium body
IER Magnesium alloy is the lightest practical metal having specific gravity of 1.7 with good machinability and manufacturability.
Landing gear flip-up mechanism
Flip-up landing gear gives wide angle view for excellent photographing, surveying and inspection capability.
Mission Planner & Q ground control
Automatic navigation ( Way Point Flight )
Home return function
Automatic takeoff and landing function
Fail-safe function
Simple and Ergonomic design for the optimal user experience
Arms and propellers can be folded unfolded without any tools
High flight performance / high wind resistance.
Dedicated storage case protects the Drone from external and physical impact.
Gimbal attachment is optional.
By adopting Pixhawk2.1, users can use it without any fear in flight log security.
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